SkinLumiology FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products cruelty-free?

Yes! We pride in not testing on animals and being made in the USA.

What do I do/what does it mean if my Koji HP Brightening pads or Brightening + C have turned brown?

Don’t sweat it! That is a natural reaction of the products’ ingredients being exposed to air. When using, we do recommend keeping the product out of direct sunlight and closing your lid quickly and tightly.

Should my peel pads tingle/burn?

Some pads do and some pads don’t cause a tingling depending upon your skin. The Koji HP Brightening pads are the least reactive on the surface, and may not have any sort of reaction on the surface for some users. You may experience some mild tingling with the Glow Weekly and Corrective Complex-Perfecting Pads as they are more active in the top layers of the epidermis. If you are looking for a tingle-free option, we recommend checking out our Prevent Pads.

Can I use the Glow Weekly Peel Pads more than the recommended 1-2x a week?

If you are enjoying the results and your skin is tolerant, you can use the Glow Weekly pads more often. Keep in mind that they are a mild chemical peel, so pay attention to sun exposure and always use a high grade SPF.

Do I have to wash off the Glow Weekly Peel Pads?

This is also an instance in which you will have to listen to your skin and what is best for it. If the tingling that you experience is mild and are already using them more than once a week, then yes give it a try.

Can the Lumi Lipid 3:6:3 be used as a day cream?

Yes, we just recommend using a high-quality SPF over the top. The Lumi Lipid does contain Vitamin C and therefore will aid in the blocking of UV rays and free radicals, it is not a broad spectrum SPF.

Is the Balancing Lumi Facial oil only for the face?

Due to the soothing, healing properties of the oil it is also great for wound healing and soothing rashes / dermatitis / eczema.

What does it mean if the tip of my Corrective Complex Stick has changed colors?

It is a natural reaction from contact with your skin and your products.

How do I know in what order to apply each of my products?

The recommended application is clear to cloudy, thin to thick.

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